Notebook "Carpet"

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Georgian carpets are readily distinguesed by their geometrica designs and bold colors. Rugs from Georgia are either woven in traditional Georgian patterns or made from compressed felt in abstract patterns. The colors used most often are deep red, brown, blue, and yellow. The colors of older Caucasian rugs are mostly made from natural materials found in the region where they were made.

Size: 15*21 sm, sheet size A5.
60 pages, some of them with black&white illustration of georgian dishes, beverages, fruit and vegetables.

* Illustrations are made by the Piu Wiu brend creator.
* On the 3rd and 4th photos there is a carpet notebook together with a carpet postcard as an example of a gift set. Look for the postcard in the category "Открытки/Postcards".

Made in Georgia (Sakartvelo).
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